How do you take control? CONTEST!

Mes chèries, I am glad that I can finally share with you the surprise that I’m preparing for you, for a while, now! First of all, I want to invite you to do a short exercise. Think about your busy lives. You had a hard day at the office with a thousand meetings, phone calls and emails. At home, when you arrive, you must be as new and enjoy the family. We want it, or we don’t want it, we must be Wonder Women!


Working so many years in modeling, you realize that I saw the most beautiful faces, almost perfect, girls who had no need of any artifice of makeup to shine. That flawless skin that we see in commercials truly exists. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luck or genetics to have a flawless face. I never had serious problems with acne, but I’ll confess that I expected the imperfections to disappear with age. Well, not really. And I’m sure you saw it on your own face. Although they are most commonly associated with puberty, imperfections give us headaches even during adulthood – after all, hormones do whatever they want. We must therefore take control immediately.
I recently started using the cream for skin problems, with beauty effect from Normaderm and seems to be perfect for me. Imperfections began to disappear after a few weeks of regular applying and if it continues on this pace, soon I’ll have the skin I dream of.
Now comes the surprise! I want you to try it yourself if you have the same problems, so I take out for contest three Normaderm products for mature skin problems.

BD-JPEG_NORMADERM - Soin Embellisseur - Etui

What do you have to do? Respond with a comment here, on the blog, at the question “How do you take control of a hectic day?”. The contest runs until 2 December, and we will designate the three winners by a neutral draw! Good luck and get creative! Looking forward to reading your answers!

* Only comments containing answers to questions will be accepted in the contest.
* Each person is allowed to post only one answer.

BD-JPEG_NORMADERM_Soin Embellisseur - Pack Ouvert

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