Magic with Grape Water

When I was a little girl, I used to play with fruits and vegetables using them to make little beauty rituals. I would sit in the yard, in the shade of a tree, and played ’’let’s pretend I have a beauty parlor’’. I don’t really know how effective were my beauty try-out’s, but I had a blast for hours waiting to be younger than I already was. And I was really young. 🙂 Later I found out that even grownups played beauty gamed with fruits and vegetables and that they extract all the goodness out of them to create miracle creams for us women.


One of my favourite brands that made the most out of what nature has to offer is Caudalie. Grapes, is one of the magic ingredients that every Caudalie product has. They are transformed, together with other components, in products that it’s impossible not to love.

Vinosource Sorbet Hydrating Cream, one of my favourites, transformes into water when in contact with the skin and makes it healthy and fresh looking moments after applying it. I love it!


But all the Cauldie products are wonderful: Caudalie Vinosource SOS Hydrating Serum, which has in it’s composition organic grape water,which hydrates the skin, being ideal for dehydrated skin., and Caudalie Vinosource SOS Hydrading Eye Serum is suitable for sensitive eyes. Caudalie Vinosource  Hydrating and Matifying fluid,  is ideal for mixed skin types, with green tea, which is known for controlling the sebum, and Vinosource Regenerating and Hydrating Cream, with grape seed oil and glycerin, has a nourishing effect and it is perfect for when you feel that the years are starting to pass you by. 🙂

*The Caudalie products are available in the HelpNet Pharmacy.

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