Urban panther

The eyes and the parfume. These are the weapons of seduction that never fail. That is why, when I chose a parfume, I look for the ones that have their own personality and the ones which attract with the power of a magnet..
La Panthere from Cartier La Panthere from Cartier perfectly fits the above description. It has a tremendous force and an opulence that doesn’t go unnoticed. With notes of gardenia and musk, the chypre fragrance is simply intriguing while encapsulated in a glass jewel. It is the essence of the untamed, extremely provocative woman. It is also a symbol of feminine liberty.

la pantere
La Panthere Eau Legere, EDP 100 ml, Cartier, 439 ron
 The name that this olfactory creation wears reminds me of Jeanne Toussaint, the muse and greatest love of Louis Cartier.

Frankly, I thought the launching of the new house, La Panthere Eau Legere doesn’t represent me. However, when I sprayed it on my skin, I realized that I just discovered a casual essence, ideal for hot days and holidays by the sea. It’s a trio agreement of gardenia, musk flower and tiara flower, which melt on the skin in the finest manner.

PS: On some islands from the Pacific, the tiara flower is a coded language of seduction. If you wear it behind your right ear, you show that you are available, and if you want to keep admirers away, it’s a must to wear it behing your left ear.
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