Hello, Bobbi!

You all know very well that I am not a fan of excessive make-up. Maybe one of the most important things that I have learnt in Paris was to understand that, most of the time, a light foundation, a little mascara and a touch of red lipstick was all that I needed. It’s the French women’s philosophy, with which I vibrate the most, rather than the Romanian women’s (bold make-up during the day and a heavily covered face) and which, for many years, has become my philosophy.


That is why I am absolutely delighted that, last week, the first Bobbi Brown Cosmetics store had its opening in Romania, in Baneasa Shopping City. Created in 1991 by the one and only Bobbi Brown, the brand changed the approach towards make-up introducing ten shades of brown lipstick, created to fill a gap in the market with the simple and easy to wear make-up. Bobbi’s philosophy was simple: ‘’ Women want to look and feel like themselves, but more beautiful and more confident’’. Isn’t that true? You probably heard of Bobbi Brown. She is editor and chief at Yahoo! Beauty, beauty and lifestyle editor for ‘’Elvis Duran and The Morning Show’’, a morning radio show knows at national level, formed Editor collaborator for beauty & lifestyle for Health magazine and constantly has appearances on the show ‘’Good Morning America’’.


Before, every time I went to Paris, I came back with a significant stock of Bobbi Brown products. I don’t need to do that any longer, now that I have them minutes away from my home. Have you tried the new brand’s products, les filles? How do you find them?



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