Petite parade

Ilona desires to have her own photo studio, when she’ll grow up, where… she can come every day and have her pictures taken. This desire was exposed at the last Il Gufo shooting. Iancu is allowed to come here, also. That is because she loves him more than anything in this world. The only condition is for her to be able to choose his clothes. Oh, and for him to … stay still. And to be more serious, not only laugh. And so, with one condition, we actually got up to three. But that is my Ilona. Any wish is accompanied by others two, three (and this only if you’re lucky). I always laugh with Nicolai and we say that our little wish-fulfilling gold fish would have problems to grant her desires. “Maman, it’s the gold fish’ problem, not mine”, she never ceases to answer me.


Now, returning to the photo shoot from couple of day ago, I was amazed how cooperative was Iancu. It was for the first time when I took him to a photo studio. I was expecting him to be shy compared to Ilona, who immediately got into her role. He didn’t oppose at all his sister’s proposals, who also gave him arguments: “here, Iancu, you have a striped vest just like daddy”. With all these being said, the photo session suddenly stopped when Iancu decided to come and sit nicely in my lap.


It’s true that they had a blast chancing clothes, but if you ask me, I like fashion items that wear Il Gufo or Petit Bateau signature (for this photo shoot, Iancu wore only Petit Bateau clothes) due to their high quality. Also, the new spring-summer collections of these two brands are absolutely gorgeous.










T-shirt: Il Gufo (Ilinca Store)
Short: Il Gufo (Ilinca Store)
Shoes: Il Gufo (Naturino Store)
Headband: Miss Grant (Ilinca Store)

Trousers: Betit Bateau (Betit Bateau Store)
Sweat shirt: Betit Bateau (Betit Bateau Store)
Shoes: Betit Bateau (Betit Bateau Store)
Vest: Betit Bateau (Betit Bateau Store)

Photo: Mihai Stetcu Photography
Image editing: Csilla Szasz

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