Uncompromising skincare ritual

Ilona loves my lipsticks and never misses a chance to try them in the mirror. Sometimes, she offers me something in return, that belongs only to her, just so I accept the switch. Obviously, the proposals that she makes don’t stick just to lipsticks. For example, instead of a walk all around the house in my high-heel sandals, she gave me her teddy bear. And when she feels that she’s not convincing me, like it happened when she truly wanted the Sublimage La Lotion Supreme cream from Chanel, she raises the stake. She would have been able to give me even her denim jacket, silk dress, and all her flower necklaces.

Because we could not pull this argument to an end and she almost got really upset, I found the middle ground: I proposed that she should apply the lotion on me. She was so excited of the subtle scent and the way it melts on the skin that she whispered to me that she cannot wait to grow big, quickly, so she could uses it..


PS: SUBLIMAGE LA LOTION SUPRÊME was designed to be used as the first step in the anti-aging ritual skincare. This stage can be found only in the skincare program of Asian women, and we already know very well that they excel in skin care. With a concentrated formula based on rare and precious ingredients, the lotion has a regenerating and revitalizing effect, making the face seem bright. The skin is hydrated and becomes extremely smooth. In addition, the lotion makes the skin ready for the next stage of the beauty ritual. I use it in combination with other products Sublimage from Chanel and the results are spectacular.

La Lotion Supr+¬me

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