Forever young & beautiful

Girls, I know that in each woman’s life, there comes a certain time in which wrinkles from around the eyes can’t be hidden any more. I admit that, even though for a while I started o notice the appearance of some fine, small lines, I didn’t panic and I didn’t dramatize the situation. On the contrary, I reevaluated my care program for the skin around my eyes and I decided to test something new, of high-performance with a revolutionary technology.


Launched recently, the eye serum Capture Totale joins the series with the same name signed by Dior, about which you definitely know already and more than certain, you’ve already tested. Enriched with the active ingredient Sigebeckia Orientalis, extracted from a plant with Asian origins, also known as „divine grass”, the product works in the depth of skin layers. With a sensory texture, the product manages to smooth wrinkles around the eyes, it lights dark circles and improves the appearance of the upper eyelid. After you apply it, you’ll see that the eyes appear much larger, and the entire face becomes suddenly more relaxed and looks so nice that you want to linger a little more in front of the mirror.

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